Williamsburg Bridge

As I write this, I’m currently up to page 19 out of 129 in Helena Price’s blog and the one underlying tone which can’t go unnoticed as I view her work is that regardless of her affinity for portraiture it’s obviously she has no reservations in sharing photographs that may have not one person in the frame. I love taking portraitures as well and it’s an area I’m committed to improving on even more this year regardless of the adulation I may already receive but I’ve always felt that if that’s what I ultimately want to be celebrated for then that’s the only work I should be sharing.

Periodically I do photograph and document subjects other than people but I assume it’s a side of me people rarely see because I don’t rush to share as much as I would for a portrait. I’ve been inspired by Helena’s process of not limiting yourself to sharing what you only want to be known for because lately it’s literally felt as if I’ve cornered myself into a dark secluded place where I could only tip-toe out if I have a photograph of a person to share. As of now, screw that. If I took a photograph of a thing or a setting under some beautiful ambient light, I obviously cared enough about it if I pressed on the shutter and so there’s no reason I should feel apologetic for sharing it with anyone. With that said, here’s a photograph of the ever-popular Williamsburg Bridge on a cold February evening.