Published in TimeOut New York

A couple weeks ago I received an email from a Photo Editor at TimeOut New York, a publication which has built its reputation over many decades as one of the authories on entertainments and activities in the city. They expressed an interest of having one of my photographs grace the cover of the magazine in conjunction with an article and an additional photograph inside that talks about a different side of New York that you won't soon forget and probably haven't explored. Needless to say I was honored for opportunity.

If my wife and I have nothing specifically planned for a weekend with the kids and we're curious and anxious to escape the house to maintain our sanity, TimeOut New Yorks is my #1 go to resource for discovering what exciting events are happening or upcoming around the metropolitan area or even as far as the suburbs or upstate.

I wrote a little backstory to the photograph that ran on the cover when I published it on the site last year. I had a few friends and family members inquiring about how this reputable magazine came across one of my photographs. Interestingly enough, apparently one of the Art Directors of the magazine follows me on Instagram and the rest is history.

At this point, I would say 90% of the emails I receive with regard to potential work or the opportunity to meet with new people has orginated in one way another from them having stumbled across my photographs on Instagram. I don't think there's a wrong way to use Instagram but I treat it as a mini portfolio and as an extention to what I shoot with my regular DSLR which means I place an equal amount of pride in what I choose to share on the platform because sometimes you may never know who's looking and even Following you.