Karma T. Dolma

In working towards securing as many #thatnycmeet street portraits as I could, I think it was practically unavoidable by virtue of mingling that I was bound to connect with at least handle full of people on talking points that exceeded far beyond what brought everyone together in the first place. Karma was one of the attendees at the Instameet who was gracious enough in allowing me to incorporate her portrait in the series but following that initial interaction, we continued to chat more and I became absolutely fascinated knowing of her cultural heritage. Originally from Tibet but living in New York majoring in Graphic Design.

I’m very familiar with the eclectic neighborhood she lives in mainly because I’ve toiled it continuously back when my photographic interest was mostly focused on street photography and coincidentally enough there’s about 3 blocks overrun by Tibetan eateries which I’ve always wanted to taste and experience and now having someone that knows the culture has ignited enthusiasm to try it out.

As the Instameet got underway we eventually veered off course from the rest of the group which tends to happen a lot and we discovered some really neat settings along the way.