The Image Story: Brooklyn Color Run

I think for many photographers, writing about their work is not always the most pleasant of propositions mainly because we hold strong to the belief that our vision, our evaluation of the world should all be visually disseminated through our images unaccompanied by any written text. The truth is I truly enjoy writing about my work and if you’ve ever struggle to jumpstart the act of incorporating a backstory to your photos when you share them, perhaps reading Jörg M. Colberg’s piece on How to Write about Your Photographs may help. “A good approach to writing about your own photographs is to write around them instead of about them.

On that note, it was a pleasure having the opportunity to provide some insight on one of my favorite photographs which I took during The Brooklyn Color Run over at The Image Story which is a site devoted to showcasing photographs where the photographer describes the process that went into creating it. Every part of the process is revealed from camera setting, to where it was taken, what the concept was, to post-production workflow and all that nice gooey stuff that I often wonder about but very few photographers share.