Real Artist Have Day Jobs

Real artists have day jobs, and night jobs, and afternoon jobs. Real artists make things other than art, and then they make time to make art because art is screaming to get out from inside them. Screaming, or begging, or gently whispering.

Immediately what came to mind when I read this was the underlying theme behind Jon Acuff's book entitled Quitter which I enjoyed and highly recommend. The idea of dedicating your time to doing something you absolutely love and doing nothing but soley that may sound like a no brainer but in reality it's not that easy and in fact not always immediately recommended. What's recommended is to do what you love in between work and family commitments.

I don't necessarily enjoy going to bed at 10:30pm or even 11:00pm at night but until my kids are sound asleep and my wife is at a point where she doesn't feel like I've forsaken her and disappeared into the tranquility of the home office, it's difficult for me to break away from evening family time to write, send email or edit photographs. Is it a requisite for me to stay up this late? Probably not but because these functions orbit around something I enjoy doing, I carve out time for it.

I have a day job which I enjoy and it provides my family and I the financial security we need to live comfortably and so that's our main income and anything revenue I may generate from my photoraphy I save or invest on anything I may need related to photography. Sometimes people expect you to do what you love for free and while I don't necessarily have any intentions of pursuing photography full-time any time soon, it will continue to be a side hussle as long as I can continue getting away with it. Sometimes not everyone's passions are profitable hence the reason for not always being so quick for quitting your day job because real artist keep them until they're sure they can stand on their own.