The ABS Theory

The goal is to always be shooting whether you’re doing paid jobs or not. Developing your eye, and capabilities only comes from doing it constantly. On top of that, it fills that creative desire that you may not always get by shooting the paid jobs. Eventually the two will converge if you market what you love to shoot and people hire you for that.

Chances are that if you got into photography it’s because you genuinely treasure the act of taking photographs and even more so when there’s compensation involved for your work but what about those dry periods in which there’s no commissioned work presenting itself? With the exception of TimeOut New York, I really don’t do much freelance work and when I’m not at work or at home undertaking parental responsibilities, I guess you can say I have some free time and that’s when I concentrate on shooting for myself and I can’t imagine not doing so at least for my own sanity and my own vision.

I deeply believe it’s imperative to shoot personal work no matter what the subject matter but eventually I think it’s in your best interest to narrow down your shoots to the type of work you would ultimately like to be hired for and as Nick stated the goal is to be recognized for what you do on your own time because it showcases your talent and unbridle passion for what you do even if you’re not getting paid for it.