The Soccer Ball as a Protagonist

Perhaps it was on a podcast or a random YouTube video that I was listening intently to a talk Anthony Bourdain was giving where he said something along the lines of: "What do I have in common with the Tea Party?" Not much. But I bet we both love beer. And barbecue. And that's something." To his point, food is unquestionably an expression of everything and it holds a certain power. It holds the ability to bring people together, to create a peaceful ground on which to understand each other or express passion towards something regardless of any philosophical, political or socio-economical difference.

The sport of soccer seems to have this very same mystical effect. Having been born in Brasilia, photojournalist Ueslei Marcelino is well aware of the class division that exist between the wealthy and the less well-off in Brazil and for the recent World Cup soccer match of Brazil Vs Chile, he sought out to photograph 2 different families in their respective homes as they watched the game. “One families house was humble, made of wooden slats with a dirt floor while the other family was rooting for their team in a magnificent house, made with the best materials, including beautiful flooring…and in front of the house was parked a family vehicle - a Ferrari.”

I absolutely love the photographs that resulted from this assignment and the moral of the story is that “even with these socioeconomic differences, the element that makes so many Brazilians alike is the soccer ball.”