Inside The Hudson Milliner

A few weeks ago I published a few portraits of Shannon Greer who along with his wife, Charlotta Janssen (a painter and restaurateur) are the imaginative minds in transforming the town's millinery shop into an absolutely beautiful guesthouse where I had the pleasure of touring along with other fellow Instagrammers for a small campaign.

The Hudson Milliner was everything I expected and more based on the photographs I had seen online. The rooms each have their own unique flair and provide a great space for someone who wants a place to stay while they explore beautiful Hudson, New York. In one of the kitchens, Shannon and Charlotta created DIY shelving from plumbing pipes and reclaimed wood and the end product was so rustic and appealing that often times as I wander around the house at continously got the impression as if I were on a elaborate movie set. In addition, the 2 reconditioned vintage ranges in each of the kitchens made a person who rarely cooks excited about being a space with such a unique appeal.

Overall very stunning place that's absolutely worth looking into if you're ever in the lookout for a distinct place to lodge while visiting Hudson, New York.