Wandering Forsaken Beaches

Karma has become a really good friend in the last couple of weeks and it wasn’t a long after our initial encounter that I began my quest of what may often seem like the most daunting task when it comes to photographing in New York which is pinpointing a setting that hasn’t been overly documented already. Rarely would you ever see any type of photograph I share that incorporates the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop because not only is it rather cumbersome for me to commute into the city but there’s enough concrete jungle images drifting around that I’m always looking for a contrasting scene.

I’m was aware of a beach about 30 minutes away which occupies several scattered dilapidated houses and they’re without question very intriguing to wander through so Karma, her best friend and I aimed to arrive at the chosen location right at the starting point of Golden Hour which I tracked using an absolutely stunning new app coincidentally named Golden Hour by the fine folks behind Exposure. As with my of the outings I’m involved with, we walked, we talked about life and through the fusion of those two some photographs resulted.