The Creative Spark: Nick Onken

No question, I have an inherent tendency to gush over behind-the-scene footage of photographers at work and completely emmersed in their creative zone because it’s a source of inspiration for me especially when it’s relates to someone you already admire. I absolutely love Nick Onken’s style and his energy all of which I believe contribute to that distinct and easily identifiable look of his in his photographs. If you’re not acquainted with his work I highly suggest viewing this video to give you an insight into how his career evolved from a graphic designer and transitioned into a photographer.

I really appreciate the portions in which he’s strolling around Williamsburg, Brooklyn with a model scouting locations and shooting and alludes to how you “gotta know your camera so you can focus on the creative stuff and not the technical” because at the end of the day that’s what you’re paid to do. He also broaches the topic of what a challenge it initially was to be able to “contrive a moment that felt completely carefree and natural”, especially for the type of lifestyle photography that he primarily shoots.