Framed Show: On Location with Lifestyle Photographer Adam Dillon

Gabriela Herman, who’s a editorial and commercial photographer based in New York and specializes in travel, food, lifestyle and portrait work was a guest on a podcast episode of Full Time Photographer and at one point she was asked what she would spend $1,000 dollars on if she had to begin her career all over again. I found it interesting she didn’t allude to buying any gear or necessarily marketing herself in any special way but rather on expending that money to invite well-established photographers out to brunch or dinner with the intention to pick their brains on their photographic process and business.

I would absolutely would want to do exact same thing. In fact, even if they didn’t have time for a lunch or dinner, I would pay just to be able to attend one of their photo shoots simply to observe how they work. Everything from how they direct their model, to location scouting and essentially being present to witness their vision unfold. For this very reason, I was excited to have come across this episode of Framed Show where cameras follow lifestyle photographer Adam Dillon around San Francisco as he shoots some editorial images. It’ll always be gratifying seeing someone’s find work but as an avid photographer, I’m invariably interested in what led to that. I highly recommend checking out the video and several other Framed Show episodes.