Jonathan Harris' Advise to Art Students

You’ll become known for doing what you do. It’s a simple saying, but it’s true. When you do something, you will become known as the kind of person who does that particular thing. The only way to start being asked to do something you want to do is to start doing that thing on your own. Eventually, if you do it well, and long enough, people will start asking you to do it for them.

I literally look forward to every Tuesday morning which is when a new interview is published over on The Great Discontent and what I love the most about every cogent conversation they may have with any guest even if they're creative field doesn't necessarily coincide with your specific interest is that you're unquestionably bound to uncover several nuggets of wisdom that you can comfortably relate and apply to your own life.

I've probably alluded to this numerious times before but very often I receive emails from people inquiring as to whether I actually live in New York mainly because I don't inundate my Instagram feed with customary citiscape photographs. The truth is I don't work in Manhattan so right off the bat it becomes challenging for me to venture out to capture settings and surroundings which have already been well documented and perhaps even more importantly nobody has ever contacted because of how splendid I managed to photograph buildings.

If you follow me on Instagram at all or even here on the site, you'll become aware that a good portion of the photographs I share consist of people. By focusing on shooting what I enjoy and not feeding into photographing what would potentially garner me more Likes or Followers is how a Photo Editor from TimeOut New York came across me on Instagram and it's how I landed the gig of contributing to City Stories Series.

I shoot the type of work I would love to be hired for and not what I think has potential to make me popular and it's this same mindset that immedimately made me gravitate towards the advise Jonathan provided towards art students or any creative in general.