Screenshotter: How I Now Save Mobile Inspiration

The amount of photographic inspirational material that I stumble across simply using my iPhone is endless and my attempt to preserve it consist of taking mobile screenshots of it but there’s a tendency for most of it to get loss in the slew of photos I take with the device or I accidentally end up deleting it. Luckily, I came across an awesome app that solves this very issue of filtering out screenshots you’ve taken and it’s called Screenshotter.

When you’re ready to import screenshots into the app, it magically recognizes only screenshots and nothing else so that eliminates the hassle of trying to differentiate what’s a screenshot and what’s a regular photo you took. My only gripe at the moment is that once you have substantial amount of screenshots accumulated in the app for someone reason you’re unable to swipe through them to view. Instead you get a grid view and you’re forced to tap and it’ll enlarge the photo and you tap again to minimize it. Why all this work? We're all use to swiping with our fingers to view photos so why not continue this standard. Other than that, it’s great.