Portfolios Are Not Enough

It’s not enough to just be a great photographer anymore. You need to have a greater creative mission. A photographer’s personal projects are no longer relegated to the portfolios they show at the end of a meeting, after their client has seen what they’ve done on assignment. Personal work and projects are king.

Sound advice from Emily Nathan who is the founder of Tiny Atlas Quarterly (TAQ) which is this beautifully designed magazine filled with rich and well-crafted stories intended to convey the feeling of a place in time and it includes travel details if readers also want to have a similar experience for themselves.

Once again nothing novel and yet the smartest direction you should always keep in mind. I can't think of any professional photographer who's not been a staunch supporter for every single person pursuing photography to invest time on personal projects. Who cares if you never monetize from doing them but the purpose of projects is for them to provide you with direction and focus and for potential clients to distinguish your commitment to the craft and not just see that you're willing to pick up your camera when there's money being offered. I've never gotten paid jobs by simply telling people what I could do but by them seeing what I've already done.