Talking About Instagram + Photography on Phoblographer

It was probably 5 or 6 years ago when I intially met Chris at a coffee shop of his choosing in Queens and he was gracious enough to enlightened me a bit about the business aspect of being a photographer. He was pretty much fatigued from shooting weddings and his primary focus was on building this website which I had a difficult time even pronouncing at my first 2 attempts. Needless to say the vision for what he wanted to create became a success in view that he eventually quit his job and now lives off what we now know as The Phoblographer.

Had the pleasure to catch up with him after several years where a lot has changed in between for both of us. Photographically, I literally felt loss back then and so now we chatted about how much of an impact Instagram has had on what I shoot now and the type of photographer I hope to become.