"People without kids have better lives..."

Of course there’s a multitude of books and magazines out there who’s sole purpose is to prepare you for the adventures you’re about to endure when you become a parent and browsing through those is a lot like reading a camera manual. You’ll only gain first-hand practical knowledge until you’re actually operating the camera or in this case exercising your duties as a parent and it’s then you realize when people said your life would change the moment you become a parent, they weren’t kidding.

Literally every facet of the life you’ve foolishly grown accustom to in the past decades will be thrown out the window. I may sound like I’m complaining but I’m honestly not. I wouldn’t trade my role as a parent for anything in the world because it’s been the very act of becoming one which has allowed me to evaluate what’s important in life and the value of time. The reason I bring all this up is in view of this article I came across which states several facts as to why “people without kids have better lives”, a lot of which have the advantage of being true.

As I read through all 9, I continually nodded and saw eye-to-eye with all of facts pointed out but the twist at the end validated how I’ve felt the moment I held my son when he was born:

…joy indeed doesn’t just have to come from extrinsic things and fabulous social lives — it can come from the adventure of raising a family, from teaching and nurturing others, from sacrifice, and from unconditional love.

There’s several things I don’t have time to do anymore. I rarely watch TV. Rarely go out to catch a movie. Don’t play video games. The very little free time I do come across I allocate it towards either reading or editing photos from self-initiated projects or freelance jobs. Being deprived of time has allowed me to be picky in choosing what to partake in because when you have too much of it you end up squandering it on things that rarely add value to your life. Life no longer revolves around you and you can no longer come and go as you please.