Virginia Beach Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is the ‘World’s Largest Running Series’ with more than 500,000 people taking part in 26 North American cities each year. What started as a simple idea in 1998—the idea of making running fun– soon transformed the U.S. running landscape entirely by incorporating music with running. Suddenly, the music every mile and party-like atmosphere made long distance running approachable and more and more people participated in something they had never dreamed they could do – run a marathon. The races are not limited to professional runners. People from all walks of life and of different ages can participate, enjoying the fun of running as well as the festive atmosphere and on August 31th I was commissioned by EveryDayHero to document the 13.1-mile exhilarating experience in Virginia Beach.

EveryDayHero is a company which emerged in Australia with the simple mission of making giving easier, more accessible and more enjoyable. They’ve recently launched their US website and what I love about the organization is that they’re aware that giving signifies more than just giving money. Feedback is what ultimately keeps you inspired and feeling part of something bigger gives you a greater sense of impact and purpose.

I’m a staunch supporter in carving out time for deliberate practice to produce the type of work you ultimately would love to be hired for and what lead to me working with EveryDayHero was them initially stumbling across a photo essay I had shot back in 2012 of The Brooklyn Color Run which they loved so much that before I knew it, August rapidly approach and I immediately found myself on a 45-minute airplane flight from New York to Norfolk, Virginia and the rest is history. Woke up at 4:30am to prep and arrive at the starting line by 6am until the conclusion of the race around 1:30pm and flew back to New York on a 5:30pm flight and arrived home just in time to tuck my son in.

A half marathon is not for the faint of heart. One of the excitements and pleasures of having seen and experience everything first hand was that despite all these runners taking part in the same race, with the same sense of occasion they all had, in different ways, they are facing up to their own challenge.