Developing Your Visual Style

Understanding what you’re interested in conceptually, independent of your aesthetic taste is a big step in developing your personal style. What are you interested in? What topics get you excited? You don’t need to know this stuff right away, but keep it in the back of your mind and consider it before you shoot. The things you photograph might be entirely unrelated, but perhaps your approach to exploring them visually is stylistically consistent.

Keeping in mind that anyone could read this, I sometimes wonder whether it’s even wise on my end to be as transparent as I have generally been about how I’m continually learning a lot, every single day I return home from having shot anything. For the photographers who’s work you see and think highly of, I’m pretty sure that as thriving as their career may seem, there’s still sh*t they’re figuring out as they go along but of course you probably would never think otherwise mainly because they probably don’t write about their experiences.

What does anything have to do with personal style as a photographer? Well, that I’m hopelessly and slowly still figuring it out myself. I know what I want to achieve but how to achieve it is still a challenge. As creatives, we’re pretty much never fully satisfied with anything we may produce which is a great thing because that same ditch is the driving force for us wanting to improve, to try new things and hopefully feel better about our work.

I’m very cognizant of what I take pleasure in photographing and what I don’t, so that kinda narrows down stylistically the direction I may take. I do love my photographs to be full of light, joy, color and so I try to embed that throughout everything I share. Ultimately, my style isn’t so much something I one day decided upon. It became more a visual expression of how I see the world.

The most significant portion of Dean’s statement is how the “things you photograph might be entirely unrelated but your approach to explore them should be stylistically consistent.” 100 percent yes!