Portraying Seattle’s Homeless as People

So the actual concept for a photographer to venture out, befriend a complete strangers and walkaway with a meaningful and intimate portrait as a result of a sincere interaction between the 2 is quite frankly nothing novel. Nowadays, it’s become very in vogue if you will. An approach which to me was popularized by HONY himself but having recently come across Jesse Rogers’ street portraits project of homeless people in Seattle, the commercial element of it was different enough that it really had me impressed.

Following their impromptu shoot together, Jesse makes it a personal mission to deliver a 4x6 print to his subject the following week. The money quote for as far as his reasoning for committing to delivering a print is this:

99% of the city walks by these people as if they’ll catch something just by making eye contact. The print is tangible proof that they exist in a world that actively ignores them. Every single one of them that I’ve had the pleasure to run into again still has the prints and protects them well.

The portraits are absolutely stunning and as far as Jessie’s advise to you in case you’re considering starting a personal project: “You don’t have to chill with homeless people, but go do something with your talents. Go broaden your mind, make new experiences, meet new people, and do something for someone else.”