Paola Franqui

In a world heavily influenced by everything digital, it seems as though having acquaintances has become more and more a common thing and yet I would hate to assume that the concept of friendship is a thing of the past. I can’t recall where I read this but it went something along the lines on how sometimes “we let our devices get to know us better than we let people close to us.” I’ll admit, I’m an absolute hardcore Instagram user and by far one the supreme blessing the platform has enable me to do is to meet people.

Some people I may only see whenever I attend an Instameet but in between all that there have been people such as Paola who I still may not see as much but we’ve certainly embraced the practicality of text message to communicate constantly. I’ve literally only met Paola 3 times in 2014 but when we had the opportunity to reconvene recently this year, our encounter solidified the feeling as if we’ve known each other forever. Sometimes the best friendships are the ones you don’t expect.