Contributing to Something Bigger

When you become a photographer, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking you need to photograph certain people and be a part of certain scenes. A couple years ago, that’s what I thought I needed to do. Now, I’m realizing that all I want to do is photograph people who inspire me and help them inspire others in return.

Jessica Lehrman, a New York-based documentary photographer with such a simple, yet powerful statement. The key is to be able to do that consistently which of course is where the challenge lies.

I don’t want to necessarily say it was easy at the time because it did involve long hours of commuting between trains, neighborhoods and aimless walking but when I was into street photography, I felt as though it was more effortless in being able to return home with a slew of photographs to choose from and publish.

Now, my mindset as shifted, where the type of photographs and work that appeal to me more are the ones that require you to spend more time with people. It’s difficult to just walk into a situation camera blazing without getting to know who these people are and that of course involves time which I’m ok with despite meaning that it takes away from me having more content to publish regularly.

I use to feel compelled to photograph the streets of New York because that’s what everyone else who I knew did but it quickly became a saturated trend which I wanted no part of. Much like Jessica, I rather spend the time discovering people who inspire me and who have a unique story to share without necessarily having been looking for the attention.