Gabriela Herman - Editorial & Commercial Photographer

The day Gabriela publicly announced on Twitter that she would be speaking at SVA about her photography career, I cringed a bit because as someone who’s truly admired her work, I would have loved to have been in attendance. Sadly, the timing was off on our end because on the day of, my wife and I had already booked a 3-night stay at a comfy Airbnb in Hudson, New York. Thankfully the 1hr-long lecture has been made available now which I strongly urge you to watch regardless of whether your specialty in the craft falls outside of travel, food, lifestyle and portraiture.

A couple of key takeaways from the talk: “It’s all about building relationships in terms of getting work” and “never trust anyone that doesn’t do any personal work.”

P.S: I actually had the opportunity to meet Gabriela about a year ago at the first ever Esquire Instameet at Hearst Tower in New York. It’s always nerve wracking introducing yourself to someone you’ve admire from afar for a long time but you can imagine how affable and good-natured she was much like work.