Keep Moving with Profoto B2 & Finn Beales

I initially came across Finn Beales’ work via Instagram and eventually I began regarding him as the guy who would travel to some of the most stunning places and document his findings by way of limiting his time in each of them to 72 Hours. We’re talking about Colombia, India, Mexico, Denmark, etc.

Finn was recently commissioned/challenged by the fine folks at Profoto to bring along with him their new portable lighting system on a travel assignment without using an assistant. What resulted was a set of beautiful imagery all shot throughout the course of day using Profoto’s B2 off-camera flash system and a range of modifiers.

The portability factor on this entire setup is exactly what’s enticed me ever since it was announced but what’s also kept me at bay is the hefty price-tag on it. I understand you pay what you get for but for someone who’s not necessarily making a living with their photography like me, I’m finding it difficult to drop almost $3,000 on a B2 kit. Nevertheless, I love their products and even more so when they commissioned photographers to provide us with a glimpse via video on how they make use of such awesome equipment.