Where Are You Building Your Home?

If you just have one social media account with a bunch of Followers, you don’t have anything.

Without question one my biggest gripe with a portion of the captivating photographs I stumbled upon on Instagram is noticing how much the photographers allow their photos to solely live within the platform. I totally get the motive for people to place a lot of stock on Instagram to showcase their work just because that happens to be where the majority of people’s eyes are nowadays but it’s another to not take the time to establish a platform of your own.

It absolutely drives me crazy when I have to go out of my way to comment on a photographer’s photo just so that I can inquire as to whether they have a website to view more of their work. How do you not have one? I’m constantly directing people to Squarespace simply because it’s a painless to setup. It’s what I use. I’m not saying I’m necessarily using Instagram the right way but I can tell you that in addition to the community aspect of it, it equally functions as a springboard for me to direct people to this very site you’re reading. This here is where you’ll see the majority of the work I share on Instagram.

If you haven’t listened to this Seanwes Podcast episode where he goes more in depth discussing the right way you should be using social media, I highly recommend it but for now, I’ll leave you with some questions posed by Sean for you to think about: “Where are you building your home? Where do you point people? If they ask, “Where can I see your stuff?” where are you pointing them? Are you saying, “Go to my Instagram”?