Sexy As A Subject Is Boring

There is nothing wrong with shooting sexy subjects, rather, shooting attractive images can be tremendously rewarding to the client. However, it is your job to add more depth to the image than just being “sexy.” Sexy needs to be limited to being an aspect of the image rather than the primary focus of it.

One could easily assume that photographing beautiful people would never be a problem that any photographer would ever grumble about and as far as I’m aware of, there’s not many that do but this article that’s shed light on how one shouldn’t focus on just shooting a sexy subject as the sole purpose of a shoot has made me reflect on stuff I’ve shot in the past and how I wish to shoot from this point on.

In rare occasions I’ve shot with someone just because the subject was beautiful. I certainly won’t deny the fact that when you do, it upgrades the possibility of producing something amazing contingent upon me knowing what to do with the camera. But for the most part, I’ve always tended to shoot with a storyline in place and just have a person stand before me half-dressed flaunting their charm and appeal. For example, when I shot with Nikeva, I knew where I wanted the starting point of the shoot to be, which was a taco eatery and from there her progression in the visual essay takes her the beach after which she ends her day.

With Aimée, as a city girl who’s intention was to have a quick getaway from the bustling backdrop that is Manhattan, she starts her venture into Long Island City by exploring the neighborhood and ends off at a hotel to unwind and enjoy her evening. Is it a deep enough story as Ryan suggest we should strive for in our work so as to lessen the chance that our work will become forgettable? I’m not sure, but I’ll certainly continue and always insist to infuse a story to anything I shoot because it surely incentivises me to want to give it all I go and hopefully walk away learning something I wasn’t aware of before. So yes, sexiness alone can be boring. If anything, it should be a byproduct and not necessarily always the main focus.