Continuing Thinking Outside the Box

If there was ever a better time to void yourself of the thought that you have to alter and adapt your vision as a photographer so that it’s representative of the type of work other people are producing, this is the time. It’s probably not too late. Granted photography has become much more pervasive now. It may seem like everything that can possible be document has already been churned out which is not true but even then, I don’t believe at all that should be the very reason as to why we should feel the need to be like everyone else. If anything, the yearn to want to be different should be greater now.

I struggle with this very outlook myself constantly. Am I shooting what I should be in order to be more like this person? Do I need more of that to be up to their level? It’s all these valid questions which I think are meant to push me creatively but a lot of times they merely boggle me down and have me loathing everything I’ve shot up to this point. So what’s a photographer to do? According to experts, continue to “think outside the box.”

The finest photographic experiences I've had aside from when traveling have been when I've reached out to a person who's profession or hobby involves something so unique to me that I get completley loss in their story and any photographs I take, end up being a byproduct of our time together. Such was the case with Tucker from SCOUT NYC.