Discovering Photographers via Magazines + Evernote

Keeping track of photographer's name who's work I come across via magazines

Managing photographs you take with your iPhone of your family, your friends, your pets, or some stunning scenery is one thing but the moment these type of images begin to seamless blend in with any other random stuff you may have taken a snapshot of as a form of reference, it can very easily get kinda messy. I know because it happens to me time and again. I instinctively recall having taken a photo of something so as to remember it but the idea of going through my Camera Roll to find it is daunting enough that I get lazy and forget about it.

So here's what I've been doing. About a month ago, I delve head first into using Evernote, after having seen how much Jeremy Cowart raved about it. Prior to that, I really wasn’t relying on any type of software that functioned as an incubator for saving stuff. Granted there are a ton of productivity tools out there, Evernote just happen to be the one that clicked with me. The one thing I’ve realized is that, much like anything else, the more you use it, the more useful it becomes and the more confident you become in trusting that you can easily find everything you store into it.

Evernote truly is a giant file cabinet for anything you want to capture but for the sake of conversation, I won't go into exhaustive detail on the numerous other things you can do with it. Instead I wanted to quickly allude to what I’ve been finding myself using it for lately in addition to writing.

I'll admit, I love sifting through magazines despite not necessarily ending up buying many of them, let alone having the dedicated time to fully thumb through an article, but what certainly keeps me interested from one periodical to the next are the photographs. Whether it’s Shape, Men’s Health, Simple Living, Conde Nast Traveler, Esquire, Outside or any other lifestyle/travel driven publication, the one recurrent element between them all is the stunning photography. Rarely does my interest in the visuals ever stop there because of course, I’m immediately curious as to who the photographer to many of these shoots were.

Following my spirit of inquiry, I always launch Evernote, tap on the camera icon, snap a photo of where the photographer was given credit in the portion of the article, and tag that bad boy Magazine Snaps. Once I get home, I launch Evernote on the Mac, pull up the snapshot I took and proceed to Google the photographer to view the rest of his portfolio and 95% of the time I end of loving it based out of what attracted me to them in the first place.

This routine is of course nothing novel but what i can say is that having been doing this consistently for the past several months, it’s certainly made me more aware of which photographer tends to shoot more for what magazine, it’s given me this mental game to play where I enjoy trying to guess who the photographer was for a shoot without having seen the credits yet and perhaps more importantly, the ability to keep a record of photographers who’s work I admire and can potentially draw inspiration from.