Westcott-U Lighting Tips

Jeff Guyer said it best when it comes to mastering light - “just taming it can be one of the biggest and most difficult challenges facing any photographer.” I’ll admit, it still intimidates me at times, but I’ve grown a lot more confident with it by sheer virtue of indulging on countless video tutorials and pretending to know what I’m doing as I put in the deliberate practice. The bottom line is that there’s 2 very crucial things you have to get a handle of which is realizing how light behaves and how to make it behave for you.

Coming from a complete novice, the one thing I will tell you that you should avoid right away is this overwhelming notion in that you must learn everything there is to know all at once about lighting. In fact, doing so will only cause you extreme panic and more than likely dissuade you from developing these skills that you ultimately know can only enhance what you do with your craft rather than cripple you in the long run.

I’m not sure what took so long for me to even stumbled upon this wealth of knowledge but the folks at Westcott not only have these amazing lighting products but they’ve equally placed a ton of care in building this entire repository of invaluable tutorials on how to improve your still and motion photography with top-notch lighting tutorials, videos, and articles presented by the industry’s most influential filmmakers and photographers. I’ve saved so many already into Evernote under the tag Lighting Tutorials and by far some of my favorite in just better understanding how light works have been this one and this one.

P.S: In view of everything I’ve been reading and watching, I purchased the Westcott Rapid Box 32" Duo.