Foggy Christmas Morning

In spite of how rapidly the holidays seemed to have come and gone, perhaps the most salient oddity this year wasn’t so much the pace but more so the unpredictable and yet steady weather conditions throughout the month of December. Unless you’re living in California or in some tropical island, I can’t emphasis enough how absolutely uncanny it was to walk out the door on Christmas morning in New York wearing only a light sweater and a vest. In fact, the idea of considering even bringing along a heavy coat, gloves and a hat was enough to make you question your sanity.

But my reason for venturing out on Christmas day after the kids had experience their morning bliss opening gifts wasn’t so much because of how warm it was but more so with the intention to capture a bit of that beautiful fog permeated throughout most of the day and that any photographer would run towards. I had a couple locations in mind that I wouldn’t have had a problem getting to but there was something about Brooklyn Bridge Park that I felt would have been very desolate which was the case at first but eventually a swarm of tourist and locals were as mesmerized with the fog and quite frankly didn’t even mind that snow was no where in sight.