Are Pro Instagrammers Visionaries or Hacks?

I think a lot of people get caught up on the word ‘professional’ and a lot of old school photographers find Instagram to be a sellout. Who cares if you’re pro or not? Talent and attitude are what matter, and talent and attitude are what will get you the job.

I’ve overheard dense conversations here and there on this assumption that nowadays you don’t really have to be a “good” photographer to make money but that having a sizable Following is enough for a brand to potentially commission you for a gig. Of course this is idiotic thinking. Although, I must admit I’ve seen my fair share of unappealing imagery circulating Instagram in which the work produced hasn’t really aligned with the high-caliber of work that’s representative of the brand.

Some of these people shoot for a living while others are pursuing it as a passionate hobby and it’s the latter group who I believe should not be boggled down by feeling they can’t produce anything substantial simply because they can’t necessarily claim it’s their full-time job. Talent and attitude are everything. Just like you don’t need a title to be a leader, you don’t need a business card that presents you as a professional photographer to be seen as one because in the end your work should be reflective of your skills.