Paul Stamatiou on Traveling & Photography (Part 1)

If you get to a point where you’re consistently publishing photographs which people invariably resonate with either because of the subject matter or because you managed to transport them from their cubicle, home office or couch to a place they all of a sudden now want to visit then it’s very likely you’re going to get the barrage of questions that come along with viewing great photography such as what gear do you use, what does photo editing workflow looks like and of course every other question in between that can become exhausting in answering.

So how do you combat this? I guess you either ignore the inquiries or provide a tremendous amount of value by writing up a comprehensive piece like Paul Stamatiou did ranging from why he created a specific photo section to showcase his photography, to his photo gear, to his trip planning approach, to how he shoots while he’s traveling, to the editing workflow, to his backup strategy, etc. You should keep note that this is only Part 1 of his Traveling & Photography piece so can’t even imagine how much more value he could possibly provide on the next.