Polar Vortex in Brooklyn

A plume of frigid, Arctic air in the last couple of weeks has completely taken over the entire Eastern U.S which has been unbelievable but not in the “jumping for joy” type of way. Every day as I’ve made my way to work the thermometer in the car has read less the 10(F) and we’ve been lucky if it’s gotten higher than 20(F) by noon. This morning as I stood close to the water admiring the Williamsburg Bridge and the chunks of ice drifting downstream, the only thought that came to mind was trying to recall when have I ever seen anything like this before especially in New York. I drew a blank and then my camera because this is something we’ll be talking about in years to come.

Over the Summer I've ventured out to capture beautiful sunsets from this very spot so you can only imagine how flabbergasted I was in seeing something straight out of a movie.