Raven Arce


1. So where are you originally from?

I was born and raised here in NYC. I grow up in the Bronx.

2. How did you start off in modeling and is there anything you feel you've learned from it that easily applies to life in general?

I started modeling after I stopped dancing ballet. I took a break and never went back. The only thing that I can take away from shoots is how to interact different creative minds. Photographers all have their own specific ideas and view on how they want shoots to turn out. Its gotten easier reading people and their intentions.

3. What is one monumental moment growing up that you feel shaped who you are today?

I don't have one specific moment in mind, however I grow up with my mother and 2 sisters. Watching how my mother struggled yet was still able to provide more than enough for use made me appreciate how far I've come in life. I'm of the first to attend college and graduate and travel the world. Coming from a home that had nothing but love and support, I feel blessed to have all that I do now.

4. Thinking big picture, what are your goals at the moment? What's your vision for where you hope to be in a couple years?

I'm currently still in school. I'm studying to be a nurse so hopefully in the next few years I would be done with my studies. My end goal is to be a neonatal nurse practitioner.

5. Tell me something about you that no one would easily discover about you but that you pride yourself in because you’re so good at it?

I'm a huge nerd. My love of Star Wars is shared by my twin and I. I'm obsessed with Bobba Fett and I plan on getting his helmet tattooed. I still read comics and collect action figures. I've beat all the Zelda games growing up. Fortunately I never stopped being a kid.