Test-Shoot with Havilah


Whenever I arrange a meet with someone in Bushwick, Brooklyn, I always direct them to AP Cafe. It’s close to the subway, it has beautiful natural light streaming in and bounces off the pristine white walls, the free wi-fi, comfy seats, and overall just a minimalist decor that exudes tranquility. It’s perfect and course I would be remissed to comment on the deliciousness of the coffee.

I met up with Havilah who once again as you can I guess, I befriended via Instagram. I had no direct intentions of shooting anything since it was beyond freezing outside and there was already this impending snow storm looming any minute but the moment Havilah mentioned that she actually lived near by and that her apartment had rooftop access and I happen to have my camera as I always do, I couldn’t give up the opportunity for a quick test shoot.

She was more than willing to endure the bitter temperature outside for a few shots which she did but at one point I felt too bad and as she made her way back inside and closed the glass sliding door behind her, I immediately caught wind of the beautiful natural light that covered her face as she stood inside and stared back out at me to see if I was following her lead. Needless to say, I was more than willing to endure the 18(F) for a while if it meant getting a few portraits of her, especially with how stunning her green eyes appeared. The small white dots on the glass which you see on the bottom row of portraits is snow as eventually that storm I mentioned earlier in the end came down.