Natural Light Fashion Portraits with Jeremy Cowart

I’ll admit to having fallen way behind in sharing a sliver of the assortment of good things I’ve come across the web lately but I personally wanted to carve out some time to make anyone who’s into photography aware of Jeremy Cowart’s brand new initiative entitled See University. It’s mission is to essentially teach people everything Jeremy has learned about photography and life in general.

In Jeremy’s own words, “too much of the industry only teaches the brain stuff… what you should know. I think the brain, the eyes and the heart all play an equal part in photography. So my goal is to teach all three.”

I’ve kinda already shared this deep respect and admiration I have not just for Jeremy’s work but towards him as a person. He’s probably one of the first photographer who’s videos I came across and captivated me in seeing how he worked on location with a model, his thought process behind each frame, how he scouts for appealing settings and how much expertise he’s willing to share so as to give you the confidence to go out and create yourself. I love seeing photographer’s at work way more than any cogent gear review on something I probably don’t need.

With permission from Jeremy himself, the folks over at The Photoblographer had the opportunity to share one of the videos from See University absolutely free. The topic - Natural Light Fashion Portraiture. I absolutely loved it. One camera, one lens. I’m so inspired by it!