Goodbye DSLR, Hello Sony

For anyone that wants to fully make sense of the benefits of a mirrorless camera these days, this is exactly the type of video which I think is great to remedy that uncertainty you may have because it’s these type of personal testimonies I feel are shaping the photographic industry. I literally learned a lot from it. I felt enlightened. In fact, it made me a converter as far as wanting to ditch my DSLR.

I completely understand the whole "gear doesn’t make the photographer, his/her vision does” attitude but my feelings lately have nothing to do with that. In fact, I think it’s completely normal for a photographer who already owns a top-notch photographic setup that’s served him well for years to unexpectedly want to evaluate what’s new in the market and how some modifications here or there can only potentially enhanced their approach to something they do day in and day out.

I love my Canon 5D Mark II. I’ve own it for a bit over 2 years. Yes, it takes remarkable high quality images but along with that there’s also another highly discernible attribute which has bugged me but I always brushed it off. It’s bulky as heck and the fact that I shoot 95% of the time with a Canon 35mm 1.4 L glass lens, only adds to the domineering weight. Once again, I love it but it’s often a hassle to carry around especially on days when all I want is to not think about it as I photograph my kids at play but instead my attention seems to be divided between attending to them and my camera as it swivels strapped across my chest.

Yes, I could probably invest in a more inexpensive camera that I can quickly pack and carry in those moments where the 5DMII is not an option, which is what I did by purchasing the Canon Powershot G1X Mark II. It’s an equally amazing camera but quickly I realized that I don’t want to have to downgrade what I normally shoot with just because I want portability. Unlike most photographers, I’m not into the hobby of owning several camera. All I want is one portable beast that would serve me well across the entire spectrum of situations such as a photo shoot or just a regular outing with the family.

All of this is to say that having weighed my mirrorless camera options and the opportunity I had to tinker with a friend’s Sony A7II over a weekend, I’ve decided to part ways with my beloved Canon 5D Mark II along with all the accessories I’ve amassed in the span of 2 years. The camera I’ll be getting now is a Sony A7II and a Sony 35mm 2.8 lens.

I’ve you’ve been on the fence about switching to a mirrorless camera because you feel as though you may not be taken as seriously as when you’re carrying around a hefty DSLR, I highly encourage you to view this lengthy but informative video where Jason Lenier runs down all the reason why your perception about mirrorless cameras is probably wrong and how in fact it’s actually superior and cheaper than the DSLR you probably already own.

He gave me the push I needed to a hesitation I've been having for a long time.