Find Me on PHHHOTO

Photo Apr 12, 7 23 03 AM.gif

I think the biggest vague element of PHHHOTO is trying to find out whether you’re pronouncing it correctly but regardless of the rather poor name, I have to admit it’s my latest favorite app. The app essentially captures life in motion by rapidly snapping burst of images, which it automatically transforms them into hilarious looping GIFs.

Much like how I utilized Instagram in the early days, I likewise fell into the habit of publishing haphazardly without much pondering behind anything until I noticed it became more fun and challenging when I began highly curating the work to a point where it took on the feel of a digital portfolio.

If I’m ever dormant here on the site, Instagram or Twitter, you can rest of assure you’ll I’m highly occupied publishing on PHHHOTO so feel free to find me there with the usual handle of @jorgeq