What People Look For When Choosing Coffee Venue

There’s an overabundance of coffee shops to choose from in Brooklyn alone and for most, it’s the one drink with a psychological stimulant that people tend to hold very precious in their lives. A morning cup of coffee is the equivalence of oxygen where they can’t see themselves function civilized without it. I enjoy coffee but I don’t have a never-ending fanatic attachment to it like others might. To me, it’s a drink I enjoy while sitting around in a cafe, discussing everything and nothing with friends.

Most people have cafes they frequent based on the quality, origin and variety of coffees available but for me, I have to admit that it all comes down 100% to the atmosphere. The fact that they serve coffee is a bonus. Interestingly enough, a study from the folks at S&D Coffee and Tea sought out to find out what young Americans look for when choosing a coffee venue and the data pointed to 2 important takeaways:

From a photographers perspective, what attracts me the most to a coffee shop is dependent upon how much beautiful ambient light may be streaming in because that lends itself for some beautiful photography. From my experience, coffee owners rarely ever oppose to you getting your Instagram on because nowadays a lot of what attracts people to a new and trendy place in addition to the good coffee is the fact that someone shared an awesome photograph of them enjoying one via Instagram which equates to more business to the locale.

Sometimes a coffee location has become too popular that it’s downright annoying not ever being able to visit in view that it’s always swarming with people 24/7. Among my favorite coffee shops which I've discovered via Instagram are Crosby Coffee, Devocion USA and Sweatshop.