What Was Your Curriculum?

Books, reading things online, going to workshops, trial and error, studying other people’s work, trying to figure out what they did, attempting it myself, doing impromptu mock shoots, experimenting. That’s a nice way to learn because you end up combining all of your influences and inspirations, and you come out as something unique.

I loved Joey’s response in a recent interview, to the question of what his source of education has been. In a nutshell: everything self-taught and it’s all been a ball of experimentation. I’m still absolutely far from where I want to be with my photography but I’m bashfully proud knowing that everything I’ve learn so far has stemmed out of sheer will and curiosity.

The whole learning process is reminiscent of my retail manager days, where you’ll more than likely have an overwhelmingly amount of training material at your disposal and it’s essentially up to you in how you make sense of it in a way that would elevate your expertise. Figuring sh*t out is what it’s all about. Regardless of how much camera technology seems to advance every year, that super stylish piece of magnesium and glass is still gonna be in need of a a photographer setting its dials, pressing its buttons, calculating focus and ultimately capturing something interesting.