Photo studios are not difficult to come by in New York. In fact, there's an absolute beautiful array to choose from in different neighborhoods although I tend to favor Brooklyn ones but depending on where you scout for them, the reality is that after a while they will inevitably get expensive. Granted I save my receipt and chuck it off as an expense at the end of the year but still.

In comes this app/service called Breather which provides New Yorkers with that most difficult to find of urban commodities: private space on demand. The rooms range anywhere from 100 to 450 square feet and they come outfitted with comfortable couches and chairs, a large whiteboard, pens and random self-help books. It's more or less a random arrayy of supplies but what attracts me the most about some of the rooms are the high ceilings and windows which contribute to that homey and relaxing feeling.

I had been wanting to do a test shoot with Arthemis for some time but her schedule and mine were invariably difficult to match up until one Saturday morning the opportunity came up and that's when I used Breather to rent a space that had the one element every photographer inherently looks for: natural light. Cost of rental: $26 for 1 hour.

I'm aware of a few friends who have utilized Breather for impromptu photo shoot space. The room I chose ended up being smaller than I anticipated but large windows made up for the square footage.