Foods Before Dudes

A few weeks ago, Lauren had the pleasure of giving a design lecture as part of Hyperakt's Lunch Talk series in Brooklyn. The talking points themselves were prompted by an old photo she had found from her childhood in which 7-year old her was sitting next to a chalk drawing declaring, "When I grow up, I want to be an artist."

Initially, I had full-hearted intentions to attend but I was unable to simply because it was on a random day (Tuesday) and right smack middle of the day (12:30pm). Luckily, Lauren was gracious enough to publish the transcript to her talk. For the lack of a better statement, all I can say is that not only is she a wonderful writer, but she has the exceptional flair for connecting with you with her worlds. I highly encourgage you to read it, especially if you're someone who's in the creative field.

The money paragraph for me is her closing thoughts:

In reference to the photographs, Lauren recently moved into a new apartment with a friend and I had the pleasure to visit one day as she was in the process of doing some amazing lettering in the livingroom. So talented, such a humble person, so inspiring!