VSCO Suite for Mac OS X

If you were to do an unformal survey on which photography app people are predominantely using to edit and fine tune their photos prior to releasing them world, you would undoubtedly get a resounding response of people refering to VSCO Cam. I love it too! The app looks gorgeous, it's simple to use and it comes with a very aesthetically pleasing range of filters and tools which I use day in and day out.

Any area for improvement? Well, I never really gave much thought to it but after having read and see the amazing concept/case study that Suganth's put forth, I have to admit it would be serve as a tremendous way to streamline your photographic workflow from your phone straight onto the desktop.

Here's what Suganth is proposing:

I don't own an iPad, so it's difficult for me to want to be able to continue editing photos I've taken with the iPhone on the iPad. I can tell you there's been instances where I've dismissed the spare time opportunity to edit photos on the iPhone simply because I wasn't in the mood to dealing with culling throught tons of photos on a small screen even though I own the iPhone 6 Plus.

I would pay for this application in a hearbeat. No questions asked, much like what I do whenever VSCO releases anything. Love the company, love this concept.