Lauren Hom on Beyonce & Freelancing

If you’re not 100% into a job or an idea or a decision or a project, don’t do it. It’ll show in your work and attitude. The gray area is a death sentence for productivity and creativity. You get stuck in it and it’s hard to get out, just like a shitty relationship. Don’t let yourself get comfortable in a sub-par working situation. The same way you deserve loving and exciting relationships, you deserve fulfilling and inspiring work.

If you’ve ever solicited career advice from anyone, in all likelihood you’ve heard some version of the “follow your passion” suggestion and yet I can’t really vouch for anyone who I’ve seen delivered it as a design talk disguised as Beyoncé song lyrics the way Lauren has. So many articles and books have been published recently on how some people find their work empty, meaningless and who can’t fathom doing it one more day and yet we say or do nothing to change our circumstances because we assume we should simply be appreciative that we have a job to begin with.

Fortunately, staying paralyzed for years in such negative cycle of thinking is not something we have to accept and based on Lauren’s experience, even if you may never love your job, there’s never a wrong time to start creating and sharing the work you enjoy creating on the side even way before you’ve made up your mind that you’re going to quit. Financially for me, I'm for where I would need to be in order to dedicate my time to photography full time but that hasn't desuaded me from keeping myself creatively satisfied with case studies who's sole purpose is to highlight the type of work I eventually see myself doing more of. Bottom line: do good work and share it with people.