Stonefruit + Lauren

With all the competition and just growing popularity of coffee shops and cafes in Brooklyn, you kinda have to stop and think about how will the next one that pops up be any different. For me, a typical coffeehouse has to share a few common characteristics, each and everyone one of which ultimately determine how often I would drop in regardless of the commuting distance.

Obviously the coffee has to be great and there should invariably be an affable staff, beautiful ambient light streaming in and overall just a nice airy casual atmosphere that’s conducive to some relaxation or conversation. Granted my time at Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen was brief but the moment I walked in I immediately realized it was everything any person who enjoys spending time at a coffee shop could dream of.

As I awaiting for a friend to arrive, a familiar face walked into the shop. It’s been an absolutely pleasure keeping in touch with Lauren since we first met earlier in the year. So artistically talented and equally a beautiful writer. Next year, Lauren and her best friend are taking the entire year off to travel and as a way to generate some passive income towards the trip, Lauren is currently working on 12 travel related typographic illustrations that anyone will eventually be able to purchase as poster.

As for Stonefruit, I absolutely have to make it back and spend more time in the space and order as much delicious and healthy food as I can eat. And if you ever make out to the shop and can't help admire how appealing the food menu is written out, you can thank Lauren Hom for that.