Iceland Travel Guide: Tips and Road Trip Itinerary

Regardless of how extremely sought-after the country has been by many in the last couple of years, I must admit I have yet to ever brushed off the idea of visiting in the near future in what seems like the most genuinely magical and breathtaking place on earth. The hot water springs, the blue lagoons, the frosty glaciers, the magnificent mountains…it’s without question a photographer’s wonderland that I anticipate experiencing one day. I'm referring to Iceland.

The ambition of boarding a plane and simply going is one thing but from what I’ve read based off other people’s otherworldly experiences is that you truly have to buckle down and meticulously strategize the logistics of your entire trip in view that there’s so much to see, attractions are significantly dispersed and you essentially want to make the most of your time and hope to be well prepared for what you may already anticipate in addition to any unforeseen variables.

By good fortune, Alex Cornell has practically completed and delivered ALL off the logistical homework for anyone who has ever mulled over the idea of visiting Iceland. In Alex’s own words, “The itinerary provides an exact 8-day road trip plan, with sites, lodging, pictures, drive times, and routes. Everything you need for the perfect Iceland road trip.”

If this jam-packed combination of stunning photographs and valuable information towards planning your very own Iceland adventure doesn’t get you excited, I can’t imagine what else will. And as all this info were not enough, Alex even produced this amazing video where he lays out The Perfect Rig for Photo and Video in Iceland.