2015 Reading List

The days of being prescribed what to read in school have long been over for me but it wasn’t until the moment I realized I always had a choice which ended up having the biggest impact as to why I in time developed a relationship with books. In fact, owning a Kindle has done nothing but amplified that love to read what I want but the reality is I’ve rarely done it lately.

There’s been severe psychological struggles in deciding whether it’s worth paying the $9.99 or $12.99 for an e-book, if deep down I know it’ll be challenging to set aside the time I think I need to finish it. This is not to say I don’t read anything. The void that I had when I unexpectedly stopped reading books was quickly supplanted by indulging listening to podcast and reading articles on Medium but truth be told, I wanna get back to reading entire books.

Unlike watching tv or some the countless list of Netflix documentary I have pending, I miss how reading tends to give you a deeper perspective in life. Every word I recite instantly fills my head with bits of information that can easily change the way I think in a good way. All of this is to say that I’ve grown tired of going through the perpetual motion of downloading sample chapters on the Kindle and not following through and committing to read them in its entirety.

With that said, I wanted to publicly hold myself accountable to reading the books I keep saying I want to but keep making excuses I don’t have time for. In essence, this list is more for me than it is for anyone else but in any case I thought it would be interesting to share the type of literary content that I’ve found enriching lately. I’ll be referring back to this list and crossing out what I’ve read so far. My commitment is to devour all these by the end of the year. In no particular order: