On Using Screenshot Journal

A while back, I had written on what my patch-solution had been for maintaining my sanity as it came to cataloging screenshots on my iPhone. Unfortunately, an iOS device cannot distinguish between a regular photo you take with the camera and a screenshot. It treats them both as equal, so if you’re the type to screenshot as much as I do, you’re kinda left to fend for yourself on spending precious time going about separating screenshots and photos manually. It’s insane!

At the time, I was using Screenshotter - which is a very good app, in that it delivered on it’s purpose. It made it easy for anyone to organize and manage screenshots you might want to refer back to but despite my incessant screen-shotting, I stopped utilizing it because of one aspect in the app that bugged me tremendously:

If you deleted a screenshot in your Camera Roll which you assumed you didn’t need anymore because you had already imported into the app, what would result is that the screenshot would vanish within the app as well. So essentially, in order to preserve the screenshot in the app, you had to make sure not to delete it in the Camera Roll first.

It had become a total mess having to managed screenshots both in the app and the Camera Roll, so I just ditched the app. Not sure if this nuisance has been addressed yet via an update since I ditched it but at the time it was a big enough turnoff to not want to continue using it.

Nevertheless, the dilemma I kept having was that my screen-shotting habits never stopped and just in case you were wondering what exactly was I so carefully curating, the screenshot were comprised mostly of inspirational photographs I stumbled across on Instagram which range anywhere from specific model poses, locations, product placement or simply just a look that coincided with the type of work I enjoy shooting now - lifestyle and portraits.

 Screenshot Journal for iOS

Screenshot Journal for iOS

So what app am I using now to fill this void that’s been ever so present? That would be Screenshot Journal.

Much like Screenshotter, Screenshot Journal starts off by scouring your entire Camera Roll for screenshot images. Any screenshot will immediately be imported into the app and once it’s gathered them all up, you’ll immediately notice and appreciate (or at least I did) how all the screenshots are organized by month. But the way I mainly manage my screenshots are via Tags.

Here’s the tags I’ve created based off what I mostly tend to curate:

  • Coffee (cafes to potentially visit)
  • Female (poses or aesthetic look)
  • Food (with regard to styling)
  • IG Finds (interesting people doing amazing stuff who I may want to reach out to)
  • Recipes (healthy stuff to potentially cook)

There’s been instances where I’ve taken so many screenshots within a day or a week, and so you can pretty quickly get a visual as to how muddled my Camera Roll must be at this point but before I go crazy purging it all out, all it takes is to launch the app again, anything new is imported and I’m done.

The app has unquestionably become a priceless tool in keeping all my screenshots separate and safe from the rest of the countless images I take on the iPhone. Not only does it display and catalogs them neatly but it also executes one thing right which I couldn’t seem be find in the other app I had tried which was the ability to delete screenshots from the main camera roll without worrying that they've vanished within the app as well.