Escape to LIC

A view days ago, Nick Onken tweeted an episode to a podcast entitled The Necessity of Unnecessary Creating by Todd Henry. The podcast shed new light to something that many of us creatives often forget to do after we have done our craft for a while which is to stick to the ordinary and the paid work, forgetting to learn new things that broaden our skills and perspective. Todd says, “your on demand job cannot contain the totality of your creative ideas and energy. We all must embrace unnecessary creating in order to maintain a portfolio of activity that helps us grow in skills, drive, and the ability to take advantage of opportunities.”

Unnecessary creating is creating on your own terms, not for pay, and often without a deadline. It’s what fuels new inspiration, creative ways of doing things, and broadens our depth of experience. "Unnecessary creating changes everything because it redeems useless time into time spent doing genuinely meaningful things for yourself and others.” If you’ve seriously been struggling in feeling guilty for being selfish here and there to dedicate time to your craft, I highly recommend you listen to this episode because it will only reinforce your feeling of knowing that the time you’re spending improving yourself outside of your normal work routine is totally fine.

All is this is to say that between listing to the podcast, soaking all in his perspective on what creatives should be doing and investing on myself, it was a pleasure working again with Aimée on a shoot since our last patriotic one.

Aimée works as a personal trainer and very often her days are physically and mentally demanding as she awakes every day around 4:30am and if you stretch that between 5-6 days, you can only imagine the toll that could take on your body and so the concept of the shoot was her taking a break from all that and escaping to Long Island City, Queens for a day to recoup. We shot in an absolutely beautiful boutique hotel and towards the evening we were lucky enough to be blessed with a gorgeous sunset as we strolled exploring the neighborhood as it’s one that I very often don’t visit as much.

As a photographer, it's always great having at least 1 or 2 people who you can immediately think of when a concept shoot comes to mind because they are the ones will ofen end up fueling your confidence because they trust your vision and will respond with a resounding, "heck yeah, lets do it!" She's been an absolute pleasure to work with and I've never met anybody who's as active and has this comical penchant for climbing stuff, hahaha.