Patriotic Aimée

Every year, I seem to have this ongoing theme for wanting to shoot something patriotic and this year’s self-project was equally as fun. I had the opportunity to work with Aimée, who’s a personal trainer based in New York City. She also describes herself as a lover, trouble maker and essentially someone who’s on a mission to inspire health and happiness to all.

We shot a few different looks in the studio which I’ll be sharing later on but for now, in the spirit of 4th of July, I’d figure I share the most patriotic one. I’ve already been discussing with Aimée another lifestyle concept I have in mind that we’re going to be working together on that involves driving and a short getaway.

Aimée’s so funny and an absolute blast to be around. Even though she portrays this sheer amount of determination which anyone without question would need to have in order to be able to develop the amazing physique she has, there’s also this equal sense of her not taking life too serious and that it’s ok to make fun of yourself every now and then and to just enjoy life and hopefully that comes across in the photographs we made together.