Tyler Phenes

I literally sound like a broken record any time I feel the need to divulge in the caption of a portrait the fact that I met this person through Instagram which seems to be the case 90% of the time. What I've realized is that I've yet to ever go into details on how exactly I tend to find people on the Instagram, so to kinda rectify that gaping hole, I'm currently writing a piece on how I go about doing all this but in the mean time, I wanted to share a portrait I took of Tyler Phenes, a commercial, lifestyle, and portrait photographer based out of Central Virginia.

3 years ago, Pilgramers began with the mission of bringing people together. The goal was simple: bring the community of people who were online, offline.

Tyler is 1 of 4 passionate individuals who all quit their jobs and are hitting the road this summer to capture stories of communities where creatives are actively collaborating and doing life together. They'll be using photography, video, and writing to tell compelling stories and this past weekend, they swung by Brooklyn as part of their journey.